Sunday, January 18, 2015

Computer Break Down

Speechless and panic. My mac went down on me during such important time. This week i had been working hard to upgrade my final project. I did a lot of changes to my games and control but my laptop decided to give up on me at the most important time.

My laptop had turn in to blue screen and when restart, the laptop cannot be started. I had find a lot of friend and cousin that are good in computer to help on settling this problem. but end up the some of the hard drive been destroy because the heaviness of the software and time that i am using my laptop to do work. 

I had no mood to talk about it but this is some of the evidence to show that my laptop problem and i waste two week time just to send to repair and i don't have to chance to back up my latest document. Which i need to start from the previous version which i back up in hard drive.

Want to personally thank Melissa Koh for borrowing me her laptop for 4 days.

Because of this i need to spend money to get a desktop to start back all my work.
So i will update my progress in my blog but now i need to rush my work to get back on track or at least finish as much as i can to fulfill the requirement.

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