Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Result of Alpha Testing With Level Junior

Today i am very please that our lecturer, Sweii invited our level 4 junior to participate in our Alpha Testing. Some of my classmate me was setting up at the student lounge cause our classroom and IIS is not available or too pack for us to set up our installation there.

(i just manage to capture one image with my phone because my installation require to use a mobile devices)

During the Alpha test i had 12 tester tested my installation and below are the data that are collect.

12 tester
Age : is between 18 to 21 (teenager)

10 Female 2 Male

1 ) Do you know what is Websocket ?
7 say Yes 5 say No

2 ) Do you understand what is this interactive installation design for?
9 say Provide new installation interactive option 3 say Gaming controller

3 ) Which tool would you prefer to interact with a specific installation.
11 say Personal Mobile Devices 1 say Controller (such as mouse, and keyboard)

4 ) Are the connection instruction clear?
12 say  Yes 0 say No

5 ) Is the interactive duration enough to experience the installation?
12 Yes 0 say No

6 )  Please rate from 1 (low) - 5 (high), how interesting is the idea of the installations?
0 say 1 0 say 2 4 say 3 4 say 4 4 say 5

7 )  Please rate from 1 (low) - 5 (high), how interesting is the games play?
0 say 1 1 say 2 7 say 3 1 say 4 2 say 5

8) Please write down if you have any suggestion:
  1. The controller is a bit hard to control.
  2. just the control and the color the contrast
  3. graphic can be more interesting (like adding effect); Add music, sound effect will more great
  4. Add in Power up features
  5. Add more features
  6. Add more animation
  7. Movement of plane can be smoother
  8. Increase the difficulties
  9. Game should be more challenging and fun. Add levels or environment.
  10. It would be interesting if this installation can provide educational benefits for younger children.
  11. This is really impressive idea for anew method to solve an interactive event. But the game is okay for only develop idea.
  12. The idea of the installation is new and interactive. Most of the people do always like to use their mobile to interact with bigger screen. For the game experience, it's fine but very good to use the new tech as the controller. It is a confusing of the hierarchy of the first page design layout.

Base on the Alpha test i get very solid feedback for tester. Most of the tester know about the objective of my project and idea concept interesting level is above average and high. But the game design is on the average level.

Due to my project in focus on the web socket and interaction of user using phone to interact. Game is just a content use to showcase how the technology work. Most of the tester think the game is no difficult enough but only one tester finish the game, which make me question is it still not hard enough. But the graphic and effect will be add in to enhance the full experience.

As for the control still need to improve because by absorbing how the tester play i can see they will try to tilt more to see whether it move faster or not. So i will be enhance on the specific section.

For the sound effect and background music , actually there are sound just that the two installation beside me is too loud so the user can't listen to it.

For the game play and design i will try my best to refine it for the submission but if there are not enough time to finish. i will enhance it during the two month before my degree exhibition. I am really glad that our junior had given me such good feedback and allow my project to improve and see whether i had achieve my objective.

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