Friday, November 28, 2014

Consultation Yee Siang (28/11/2014)

After last week tutorial, I went back to create and try very hard to connect it with the mobile web-socket, So ask always, is time to debug and fixing error. While i am creating the button and asking on on how to control the ship with different button. Yee Siang ask me to start from basic again. He show me some tutorial online the help me to connect with the socket and didn't come out error. After when the code is ready, Yee Siang ask me that next the will like to see another characters move. If it is happening means miracle. So during this i need to go did more research how to control a character by clicking on button.

I kind of use back the memory and notes that i had take down to finis this project so that we are able to finish on time.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Consultation Yee Siang ( 21/11/2014)

In the consultation with Yee Siang is always about debugging code and solving error. This time still the same issue.

I had created the button as a control to move the canvas object and try to create another shape but fail. While we are debugging we also discuss about the user flow and how people should connect to the server.

The code was able to be solve and will post in the different blog post. As we are discuss, i need to assign the player to different character. Like when scan the code the will a specific character for the user. And it will be a first come first serve method. while user log in to the server different mobile will need to send different data to the dedicated space ship they are control which will be my next step to create my coding for my final installation.

I was pretty glad that i start creating the socket last semester if not i should be do the web-socket now.

I was also ask to try create the code with simple canvas first before going to the main code because this will affect the previous code and also make me confuse.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Consultation 19/11/2014

During the tutorial we were discussing about the interface and character design that i had sketch and lastly the tutorial section for user to understand the game play.

1) base on the commend from Yi Wei, tutorial is basically up to the game play. Maybe this game is new and the structure is complicated then will be good that had tutorial but if it is a game that we normal will play then just keep it simple with the tutorial.

2) for the character design. In the sketch there are a lot different type of character. Different character need different abilities which mean more condition and game need to be plan. Then YiWei ask me whether i am focusing on the game play or the web socket. If it is just socket then just create a simple game but try to enhance with some narrative element.

3) Two player had a lot possibilities like what i discuss during the meeting. Maybe like two plan is overlay then got super power and so on.

Base on the comment i try to summarize and go back to my objective of the project. I rethink what is my object and i decide that i am focus on the socket more. So i decide to create a simple multiplier shooting game to present the technology.

I will just create one type of plane and a type of enemy create a simple shooting score competing game.

Due to i am using html the difficulties in programming had raise up. Wish me all the best.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WIP (sketches and character design)

I had to create some sketches for my characters and also the logo for my landing pages. As you can at the bottom is the images of my sketches the three on the top is the main characters space as i had plan each of them have different abilities. As for the bottom three is the enemy spaceship, base and the look of the spaceship different kind had different abilities. 

I had given them a name , lightning the top right is the speed type of spaceship attack weak but fast shooting and movement to dodge attack. The booster (under lightning) , huge armor , mean strong defence high attack but very slow speed. and for main character is the wing, the most average spaceship.

As for the enemy, top one is the enemy that will be fly in zig zag formation. The round one is just a normal enemy spaceship , and the one at the left is a special spaceship which move fast and when player hit will get higher points.

Base on the game that i will like to create i come out a list of condition and schedules or sequence that i will like to use to create my games. Base on the understand, i create all the steps that guide to create the games. And base on the list i will be able to check the area that i need to put more attention and effort to finish the games design.

Work in production (coding the canvas)

I show the prototype of the html5 games that i follow base on the tutorial to Yee Siang, my supervisor on programming my final project. Although he say is a good source but he advise me to start from draft again, and code it myself. I can reference back the code but don't use fully on the code because the control and sending information progress is different.

As we all know that base on my previous blogspot, i am creating my display and control in two different HTML. For this canvas i am creating in the display html. 

So i start again by creating canvas. So i start with javascript to create a canvas and also code in a round object in the canvas to represent the character.

After creating the canvas in javascript, i go to the html source code to link the javascript with the html files and add in the canvas to display the canvas in the html page when it is being publish.

Due to my game is multiple players so i need to add in another player to so in the javascript i will be adding another shape to represent the another player.

If there are not mistake, when you display on browser you will see something like the images below.

References,. 'HTML5 Canvas'. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Dec. 2014].