Friday, January 23, 2015

Consultation with Yee Siang (23/1/2015)

The accelerometer work and able to move two different speed when the player tilt more. So this week is just to check what are some other update i am able to put in to let user had a better user experiences and also debugging.

The accelerometer had a minor error which is one of the plane cannot move left, while discussing with Yee Siang i find out is because i put it the wrong keycode. So after switching the keycode every was able to work perfectly.

I discuss Yee Siang whether i should create the restart function so when they lose they are able to restart. Yee Siang did say yes and we are trying to make the function work . and if they didnt press restart it will automatic go back to main interface.

So that will my final week consultation objective which able to let the to work and have perfect interaction cycle.

When i reach i done some thinking and though i think i just make the game restart without letting restart if the player want to continue the can just press start in the main then start the game again. this is use to prevent people staying over the installation for too long.

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