Thursday, June 26, 2014

Testing progress(1) 26 june 2014

Websocket test progress.

I found this tutorial to create a chat room with websocket and the link below have the step by step tutorial.

I first start to download Apache server. As i know websocket is basically a socket that transfer and received through a server so i download Apache server for transferring data.
then i start to do design the interface. I import most of the code by following the step in the tutorial. Inserting Javascript and css. but the are some error due to lack knowledge of websocket and limited knowledge of server connection. With the test progress i am able to know how much i know about websocket and base on that i also continue researching on websocket and consulting lecturer yee siang for more information.

Below is some of my progress:

After finish the tutorial, i feel that i need to come out a contingency plan just in case that websocket may affect the final result of my final project. During the consultation, lecturers also gave some advice that can try to figure some other format to bring out the experience.  I think application is also one of the way that can be use to help event company. but if websocket is able to success after my research and test and i will combine them both to make the experience and idea even solid.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

weekly consultation (2)

This week consultation is base on the last week consultation action. During the meeting i explain what idea is about. And below is the feedback from Sweii and Yi Wei. 

Consultation with Yiwei and Sweii for idea confirmation

Base on the consultation this is what i understand.

  • Designer or Developer
  • Which area that i should focus on. the experience that i will to provide with the installation or the programming side for more user.
  • If focus on coding there are much more way to create the same outcome. Research more on other socket.
  • If designer can find some other way of platform like application to create some different experience for the user. And even more friendly user.

These make me realise that if i would like to proceed to another stage i need to decide the final outcome by myself.

This consultation do help me, but at the same time i am confuse to what i want to be. As a designer or a developer. Because of this, i am stuck in a decision making because i will like to create both in this project.

During the tutorial i bring out this for discussion, and Sweii advice me to come out a project management and time management and find out which area that i need to focus on. Yi wei also advice me to start with trying the socket so that i can understand more about it. Due to no experience and not enough research on web socket i become confuse and not confident on the my idea and project. I agree on the feedback that are given and try to analysis base on my knowledge and find out are the way the best to fulfil the project outcome and create a installation for user.

So base on the tutorial i come a To do list and it will be record in my next few blogs
- project management and time management skill
- try out socket to understand more.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly consultation (1)

Notes and advices From Yi Wei

Notes and advices From Kelvin and Yee Siang
Kelvin also had the same though as Yi Wei thinking i should created my final project base on the idea and concept instate of the game.

Place to focus:
Websocket, and Websocket will have short delay so base on that he advises me to find out some game that are not live feedback so the delay will not pop up so obvious. And start the to learn connection first with simple tapping game like tic and toe or pong then only switch from tapping to accelerometer and more.

Next week preparation:
-Find out what are the game that connect to event or
-simple and fun game
-game for social purpose.

Base on the feedback that are given by the lecturers i think that idea is one of the major part of my project, as i had already know what technologies i will like to use but what idea and how is the area i still need to focus on. So for this blog i try to understand what kind of game that are possible to provide better experience with websocket. So base on this i list down different types of the game that might be able to bring out the fun experience and able to attract crowd.

Some game that i had in mind
Side Scrolling game with scrolling using swipe and tap.
mutlitouch screen game to collect items.
pong theme games.
Racing game with tapping or swiping
shooting game with accelerometer as aiming and top to shoot.

And base on the type of game that i had in my mind i stay to research on similar game and this is some of the example i found :
Adamatomic is a side scrolling game created by flash. simply wide screen interface with simple control. basically the game need user to jump to avoid the obstacle but the game will slowly increase the speed to make the game more challenging. The most important point is side scrolling if got slight delay users are able to base on the game to adjust back with the control.

I had done some research as you refer bad to the previous blog about chrome experiment which is the one that make a lot of interactive website games with websocket that control with mobile devices.
There are allow of racing game being done by chrome experiment like
1) Chrome racer

2) Chrome Sport

The two game above are basically similar to Adamatomic game especially Chrome Sport. The control and graphic are different. and Chrome sport as i had mention is using mobile device as a controller. Chrome Sport's control is base swipe gesture that are available on mobile device, so the faster you swipe the character will run faster.

Kick with Chrome - Shout out
This is the latest chrome experiment project that created for the fifa world cup in brazil. base on the video you can notice how the game play are. Base on my personal experiment the penalty game is the most fun. and the game are basically same like pong games. As i discuss with kelvin and yee xiang pong can be good to start with.

After analysis some of this game, most of them are interesting base on score and competition rather than just only fun to play with. This is base on my personal analysis there will further research base the game design. But base on this area i will be start to test the websocket base on this area to find out the programming section.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Statement of Intent


Final project planning – Kho Giin Yaw –The Interactive Game Console

The main objective is to revolutionize the exhibition and gaming system of Event. Most event agencies view technology as simply an execution-based tool but technology can be a much broader, multi-dimensional approach. George P. Johnson, a professional marketing agency believe event technology should improve your ability to manage an event while enhancing and extending the attendee experience – and do it at a reasonable price. With the technology available today provides us with a miraculous toolbox.

With this miraculous toolbox, now we can use the tool to enhance the participant experience and performance of the event agency. Most events usually were created to attract crowds. They are few key elements of event planning give direct affect on the success of event, which space organizing, Crowds safety and Budget Issue. With power technology, we are able to use the tool to minimize the cost, create large space for crowds’ safety and provide the attendee and event agency a brand new experience.

At the stage the area of technology is too wide and unfocused so I decided to focus my topic with the digital technology that everyone own nowadays which is mobile devices. Researchers say that people aged 18 to 24 are so addicted to their handsets that they check them every nine minutes and 50 seconds (, 29 January 2014). The power of mobile device allows us to get closer the audience at the shortest time. That is how I create a dynamic, interactive installation, which allow attendee to interact with their mobile device. Beside that mobile device also allow user to share their status through social media in the shortest time. First, by using mobile devices as the tool, event agency is able use the console’s place for more crowds; second, they are reducing the expensive on creating special console design. Third, convenience of mobile devices and social media are able to help event agency promote the event. Last, the attendees are able to experience another usage of mobile devices.

This project is embedded in engagement, fun, and entertaining methods. The Interactive mobile gaming console is a new system/installation for event promoting and entertaining purposes, a powerful tool that allow attendee easily participate with their mobile device to access the gaming installation.

The interactive gaming console will be a gaming installation that requires desktops, laptops as the console and tablets, or mobile devices as the controller. Both require connection to the Internet to communicate through WebSocket. The abilities of WebSocket allow the games’ player to play as single or multiplayer. For my final project’s content, I will focus on event’s entertainment. Entertainment is the one of the best way to engage with people and attract people. The console and control will be the same, but the selection of the games can base of the trends, festive and event that happen around the world. FIFA World Cup is one of the event that everyone are focus on. Event Company will use it as theme to organize their event. Base on the event theme, the game’s content of the interactive gaming console will be design according to it. For example, and penalty shooting games, user can use the mobile device to control the games as a striker or a goalkeeper.

Target Audience
This installation has two target audiences. First, it is a useful and entertaining tool for smart phone users, aged from estimated 18-24. Second, it is a tool that event agencies can use to improve their event planning and promotion system. The target market would mostly be urban area, but any areas that are equipped with computers and an Internet connection can utilise the interactive gaming console. For marketing purpose, it would be promote to event agency for event activities planning, and with the collaboration with any company to organize an new engagement event.

Existing Skills & Knowledge
The construction of the interactive gaming console will require a knowledge of website programming language that includes HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery and PHP scripting. I am interested and confident in these areas and have experience working with it. So I believe that I had the abilities to solve the technical problems. I am diploma holder for Event Management and I had some experience working with event agency, that why I have a clear understanding of the standard and style of event in Malaysia. I will be able to consult with experienced event planner for my project content development.

New Skills & Knowledge
New skill and knowledge that I have to learn and experience is 3rd party APIs. Linking the interactive gaming console with social media such as Twitter, and Facebook is something I have to learn.  Another 3rd party APIs that I will experience is Websocket. This specification defines an API that enables Web pages to use the WebSocket protocol (defined by the IETF) for two-way communication with a remote host. With the power of WebSocket I am able to let mobile device communication with the game console.

Degree Essay Relation
My degree essay topic is “Exploring interactive digital media’s ability to enhance the experience of engagement and communication for Event Marketing.”
There are some connections with my final project. Through research topic of degree essay, I am able to share some of the academic findings and resources I discover during my research processes to enhance the content and user experience of the interactive gaming console. Beside that resource of my final essay, it also requires substantial research to strengthen the topic that didn't cover by the essay.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Support Document for Statement of Intent

While doing my essay topic research i get inspiration for final project idea which are interactive event. I find this website of an experience marketing and event marketing agency George P Johnson. In the website it noted that
"Most event agencies view technology as simply an execution-based tool. We take a much broader, multi-dimensional approach. We believe event technology should improve your ability to manage an event while enhancing and extending the attendee experience – and do it at a reasonable price. We live in a digital world of experience, where users are accustomed to being active participants. When interactive marketing is truly integrated with an experience or event, the power to affect these users can be enormous."

This had prove the technology can be to the best tool to enhance the engagement of event. Beside that they also noted that benefit of event to :

-Extended Attendee Reach
-Predictive Modeling for Event Planning
-Instantaneous Digital Promotion
-Advanced Tracking & Analysis
-Meaningful Participation & Engagement

Beside the reason why i choose mobile device as one the main platform is because base on the UK Mail Online's article about "Youngsters check their phones every ten minutes: One in 20 looks at their mobile every minute of the day"

Research found 18-24 bracket check every 9 minutes and 50 seconds and those aged 25-34 take a peek every 9 minutes and 55 seconds. This help the event to know what are the trends and from the trend the event are able to engage to more people and their target audience.

Another reason is because mobile device these days had fast accesses to social media will help promote the event. George P Johnsan also noted that "successful social media strategies engage users in exciting and unexpected ways. So do successful experiential events. So it's not surprising that they work so well together."

base one  Event Tech graph it show that high-tech strategies are able to enhance event and trade show, (2014). Overview | EventTech 2014 | Leveraging Social Media + Technology at Live Events. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2014].
George P Johnson, (2014). George P Johnson. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2014].
George P Johnson, (2014). George P Johnson. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2014].
Mail Online, (2014). Youngsters check their phones every ten minutes. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2014].

The reference above are use prove that essay topic and final topic are relevant and to proof that technology is able to enhance event .

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Idea forming and timeline writing.

After the first idea sharing with Lecturer and some of my classmate and event planner this is some of the feedback.
Swei (lecturer):
Idea One:
-Topic are too wide somehow compare to idea 2
- Survey need target on specific target audience only will get standard result
- Idea 2 are more interesting.
- How the idea can link to event management beside space and crowd. Will money be the issue also.

Other Comment:
-Idea Confirmation Area to focus.
-Market research to support.
-For blog make sure decision making are more than description
-lack of blog
-Research more
- Need to Focus on websocket and start trying to check is it possible to achieve
- Try to check is there any other contingency plan or other source

Base on the planning map that i created in class last week Swei show that i have few missing area of timeline that i might need to concern:
- freelance
-content planning
-content research
-making of content
i notice this problem when i create the planning map because during that time i still don't have any idea what i will do with websocket but after doing some competitor research i get some inspiration.

Some of the comment from friends
Leon Lim (classmate)
-objective format will be better.
-i will prefer than the order version
-need two people to play? one player cannot play ?
-is it do-able
-if for a event company budget low i will say yes

Idea 2
- i like games i will like to try this as a participant
- good trend
- it attract crowd for sure
- I prefer this idea more than idea 1 because is it more fun and crowds pulling.

Jeremy Phun (classmate)
-if playing alone the game will not be fun
-the game may affect the survey question
-design have to be different and randomize
-game will make the process fun

Idea 2
- will like to try
- the design need to be attractive
- event gaming-fied
- create more different genre of game so that apply for different event.

Ham How (friend / event planner)
-if a good idea to upgrade survey method, it may create crowds.
-will the game affect the result ?
-if only person come then how am i going collect my survey

Idea 2
- This idea is more suitable when come to event.
- comparing budget i think system can be reuse, can save a lot of budget.
- game and social media always attract people

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Idea Sharing.

3 pieces A4 sheet, to a pro forma layout, which works as a ‘cultural map’ locating your planned project. This will include such things as
• Topic – the key ideas – what it is ‘about’ – the issues – how it is a multimedia design thing - a/the ‘research question’ it addresses – or the idea it propose – or what it does – or how it works.... or some other important idea

• Genre – the kind of thing it will be – documentary – commentary – analysis – creative fiction with Screen Cultures moral – etc

• Form – such things as filmic/video media – slide sequence – printed text/illustrations – interactive piece – installation –audio/sonic pieces – size, duration, extent, time to read/consume

• Some indication of the audience for this thing – the likely consumers – who would want it – how would they get to see/read/hear/experience it...

• How it relates to existing skills and knowledge that you have…

• How it addresses new skills and learning that you will do…

• How it relates to the Degree essay you are doing…

Idea 1
Interactive media design artefact, User Interface and the User Experience are important. It will be good that an artefact is able to solve an problem or help the user. The process of user interact with the artefact is one of the area that we be should focus on.

Event and Interactive Media Design is always link together. Event Management and company will like use the better appearance and simple .

Almost everyone (to be specific, young adult or adults) had a smart phone. Youngster nowadays check on their mobile devices every ten minutes.

Cheaper in budget. Space management in event location

I will like to create a interactive games that help friend or even stranger to understand the each other better. To create a graphic or simple Q&A with only two answer to let two different user to choose and from there we are able to see two user whether they understand each other and the same time understand the person even better. For example, What is the fruit you prefer more? A)apple B)orange

This also can be use for company survey in exhibition and collecting database of customers need and want.

- Interactive Games, 

- Slide Sequence.

- Couple. Friend. Youngster to adults. People that are using mobile devices. Event company.

-Web base, Java Script, Mobile, Interaction. 

Idea 2 
A) Bring the latest focus area. Interactive game to let us celebrate the festive or event that are happening in all nation. FIFA world cup is the current event in all nation. All difference company are setting up exhibition in mall to celebrate and promote their product at the same time. Where the event they are game to attrach crowd. By using the technology of mobile we are able to attract more people to join and participate the game.

- installation –audio/sonic pieces

- Couple. Friend. Youngster to adults. 

- Web base, Java Script, Mobile, Interaction.