Monday, July 21, 2014

Hybrid Event In Malaysia

I think i do mention that i had a diploma certificate of Event Management. As my installation had great connection with event organizer, i had analysed some of the problem that are faced by event organizer.

Base on the feedback that are given by Sweii for SOI, she say that it will be good that i make a blog post about event in Malaysia. As my experience in while i am working as an intern and part timer, most of the event that are found in malaysia are these few types , Annual Dinner, Grand Opening, Roadshow, Exhibition, Concert and Conference.

Base on my experience, nowadays small and mid class company will find event organizer for the first two years. But after that they will start to organize the event by their marketing team. As for big company they will had their own event team and mostly will find advertising or creative agency to come out with creative campaign.

Malaysia's event organizing and program idea is like a cycle. If one company did this other company will just follow. How many halloween annual dinner have you attend before , pirate or masquerade? When we went to roadshow, we always will see this kind of games like lucky draw, or spinning wheel. When you see this kind of events, normally is because of one major issue which it is the budget or lazy event organizer. And in the industry people call this Hybrid Event. Hybrid event in simple definition is reusing other event idea and repackage to their own event.

To prove this you just need to google image search : malaysia masquerade annual dinner

and this is the result will show out 

But these recent years, due to the evolution of technology, event industry had improvement but using gadget to wow the participant but normally are found large scale events.  For example like including games console like driving simulator games and kinect sensor games are some of most common one we can found. For launching and gala dinner will be project mapping.

Technology is one of the tool to enhance the experience of user. And by using the fun factor of games and price, the experience will even better. This is the reason why mostly roadshow event or promotion event will have game and price; to create crowd.

But there are some successful and create by the event organizer, or technology provider. Like touch panel , interactive installation or automatic photo booth.

We can say that is one of the area that interactive media designer can show off their skill. But for event organizer  first they will be thinking about costing, how much will the gadget cost. how much will the program cost. Then how much is their budget. Maintainent fees. Will the gadget user friendly and long lasting.

Most of the event props will be re use for maximum two or three years depends how carefully the organizers are and how lucky they are. Why say lucky because some of the gadget will be damage or even destroyed during the event.

Although malaysia event is not in a good level, but as a interactive designer plus graduated event student i think am to use my current project to solve some of the problem and also create a brand new experience to the event participant.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Target Audience Research

In my Statement of Intents i do show who are my target audience and i realise that i didn't include the research in my blog entry which affect the outcome of the point i had list in my SOI.

And this blog i will show the research that i had made to prove my statement and point. Base on the research result that i get from the dailymail uk about "Youngsters check their phones every ten minutes: One in 20 looks at their mobile every minute of the day" it show the impressive result on how often a mobile user check on the phone update.

And below is some of the data that are being collect during the research.

people aged 18 to 24 are so addicted to their handsets that they check them every nine minutes and 50 seconds.

The average British man looks at his phone every 22 minutes and 30 seconds while the typical woman looks at hers every 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

Those aged 25 to 34 are only slightly less obsessed with their mobiles, looking every nine minutes and 55 seconds, according to a survey of 2,000 people.

The interval rises to 21 minutes for 35 to 44-year-olds; 36 minutes for 45 to 54-year-olds; and an hour and a half for 55 to 64-year-olds.

This had show that how mobile had already take over part of our living style and we also can say that mobile device is part of our  "body". From this research i feel that i can emerge to people but what is the closest to their lifestyle and apply it to my idea and concept. By using mobile device to attract user attention and emerge them to my artefact and participant with the mobile devices differently.

Beside that, Event company also one of my target audience.

Base on the article "The Top 10 Challenges Facing Event Organisers" from it list down 10 challenges often faced by the Event Organiser. And i do agree with because i am diploma holder of Event Management and have some experience organizing event. And below are the 10 challenges.

  1. Be Memorable
  2. Shrinking Budgets
  3. Short Lead Times
  4. Rise In Costs
  5. Environmental Issues
  6. Technology
  7. Having The Right People
  8. Staying On Track
  9. It's All In The Planning
  10. Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will go Wrong

Beside that, the are a similar article was found in which also discuss about "Top Ten Issues for Event and Meeting Planners in 2010 and the New Decade". and below are the top 10 issues:

  1. Social Media Integration. 
  2. Getting the C-Level to Buy In. 
  3. Hybrid Events. 
  4. Decreasing Budgets and Increasing Expectations. 
  5. Recession Proofing your Resume through Education.  
  6. Decreasing Attendance and Increasing Pressure. 
  7. Popularity of Local Events. 
  8. Strategic Meeting Management Programs. 
  9. How to Take CSR past Recycling. 
  10. Creativity Affecting the Bottom Line for an Event. 
As we can see that are some similar point between both of the article and those are also the area i am trying to solve with my project. 

Social media integration is one of the impact caused by mobile devices. Due to the easy access social media are able to access through mobile devices. And my project is using mobile device as tool, it will give advantage to my project.
Rise of cost and Shrinking budget. With the same technology of my project it is possible to create different outcomes which is able to help event organizer solve the problem. The technology are able to be recycle by changing the contents

Technology and Hybrid Event. The technology are growing especially mobile device which is growing non-stop, it is a possible technology to use as tool to remove hybrid event (same concept event that are able to find around the world).

Environmental Issues and Space is a issues for event organizer. Small space, huge installation plus area for participant will make the a event become so crowd and affect the experience of the participant. And my project are able to solve this problem. With just a screen a router and mobile device it will be whole new experience.

As we can see i had prove that my project have potential to help these two target audience and solve part of their problem.


SOI feedback From Swei

Yesterday we are arrange to have a feedback meeting with Sweii. Base on the meeting i understand what are the aspects that i need to focus on my research and making the SOI even more solid. After the feedback i do agree on the points was being pointed out and i do agree and will take action on fixing the area.

The are two area there are still weak in my SOI and can be improve in my final proposal and idea pitching. The area are flexibility and target audience research.

I do cover these two area in my SOI but it is not that strong and visible when Sweii was reading the statement and checking through my research blog entry.

So I had continue to work on these two major area.

Base on the flexibility of time management. I create a schedule for myself to check on what is the deadline and the period i need to finish task. Below is the timeline that i had created as my personal guideline.

JULY (2014)
Week 9 - Research on tutorial and source
Week 10 -  Testing on source and tutorial
Week 11 - Continue research and test tutorial / Blog progress

Week 12 -  Purchases router and continue with tutorial
Week 13 – PROSPECTUS Submission / Practise for Pitch presentation
Week 14 - PITCH Presentation

Semester break
- Blog entry
- Research on source like music and create sketches for final intrfaces
- fulfill simple task

Semester break
- Blog entry
- Coding with socket
- Coding for games with shape
- Coding the the interface layout

Week 2 & 3 -  Create and digitalize visual and sketches and export to specific folders
Week 3 - blog entry

Week 4 - borrowing logistic equipment from college
Week 5 - input the final visual and music into artefact and improve the code
Week 6 - Debug and Troubleshooting
Week 7 and 8 (study break) - blog entry and fixing error
Week 9 – Testing set up in IIS plus alpha test

JANUARY (2015)
Week 10 - Refinement based on feedback.

Week 11 - Refinement based on feedback.
Week 12 - Beta Test
Week 13 - Refinement based on final feedback / blog entry

WEEK 14 - Final Submission (Final Degree Show)

The will be a more detail gantt chart created for me plan my progress even more detail and help to check my tasks during my production stage.

And for the second area of target audience i will be blog in another blog entry.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Testing progress 2 (corona)

After the consultation with Yee Siang. He provide me a tutorial and source to create an application with another software rather than adobe flash. So i am able to test out which are the better software to use on this assignment. So during this semester break, i try out some of the tutorial that are given by Yee Siang. And below and some of the tutorial and progress i did during the study break.

First i went to the pdf that are given by yee siang and jump to the tutorial part to understand the coding and check whether do i understand the code.

This is some of the tutorial i scan through while i am testing my tutorial.

here is the link that i get to download the  Corona software. 
After registration you will get a link to download the files. The files is free to download to test but as for developer to release the apps with corona need to subscribe to it and pay yearly.

After download corona this is how it look like in your computer.

Launch the application and the images below is how the application look like 

Create new by click on new projects

Key in your application name then click next .

select and folder or place to save you project

then open as editor to start keying your codes.

I scan through the tutorial pdf files that are given by Yee siang then i follow the tutorial then are given in folder to start testing out some code.

First Creating Button

The main.lua is to create the button. As you can see from the image default mean the before being hover is this color. Label is the text on the button. Then width and height of the button. Then link images of the button bg for defaultFile(before hover) and overFiles (when hover on the button). onEvent is then what kind of event you are using and for now we are using button event so we handleButtonEvent. Then position the button on the centre of the display by dividing the screen height and width by 2. Basically the coding are very similar to adobe flash but some of the structure and key words are different.

This config.lua is use to code the content area, width and height as you can see i the images.

Result when launch in corona.
before Hover

after Hover

Multi Scene Tutorial
This is one of the very important tutorial i need to test on due to create a multi functions app it require different pages, which we call scene in corona.

When starting with the project please make sure to select scene when you are creating multi scene application.

Then the folder will automatically create this files for you
And let me slightly explain on the what does the files do. (in the images the grey words are the description)

1st . Main.lua 
The main trigger when launch the app just like how we name our website first page as index.html and we name our actionscript This is use to call which page when the application are launch

2nd scenetemplate.lua

this document is use to control the scene. Function scene:create(event) means create the page when the app is launch or it is still not initialize the scene and show and hide is basically like what it mean. show then show hide then hide but it do create some condition to check that if it is show in the scene no need to create the files again, only can hide. Same go to hide when is hide only can show.

end is a ending of a section of code.

And Destroy is to close the scene.

then return to another scene.

So now we need to create scene to test

first need to link to the main.lua by link to the storyboard. then they will a button to click to change scene. And this basically and new scene.

Then start styling the interface. The grey will explain how the styling work here.

To enter to another scene is using enterscene and move the scene away is exitscene and remember exitscene is basically put away the scene to aside we need to close the scene by using  destroyscene. And this same go to Scene 2 as well.

After every codes are being placed in the proper section you end up getting this result.

when start the app it will go to scene 1 and when you click on go scene 2 will close scene 1 then show scene 2

Although corona do look easy to learn and explore but Adobe Flash is still something i prefer due to long time working on it . But after testing on Corona i do had another tool to test . And the coding structure are very similar with Adobe flash actionscript so it is a good experience to test with this software.

I am still in the early testing stage of exploring whether am i creating a apps to support support socket or am i able to finish so many task in this project. I need to really scope down some of my task.