Friday, January 9, 2015

Consultation with Yee Siang (9/1/2015)

During the two weeks breaks, i went to cyber jaya to find Yee Siang for extra consultation so i am able to finish the code to show in the second guest review.And during the consultation, i am able to finish the game structure with some help of Yee Siang. Then Yee Siang say that id only using button to control will lose the main purpose of using mobile devices. So i decided to add in accelerometer to control the ship. Although i am not able to show it during the guest review but i actually already start working on the code. But there some error i cant manage to debug.

In this week tutorial Yee Siang show me Firebug for chrome, which is a plugin for chrome to help me trace and debug my code. I am able to access and control the accelerometer in the end of the class. But Yee Siang say that it will be good that when tilt their phone more then the ship will move faster and ask to go back and try myself and show him next week.

So that will be my next week object to create more speed trigger function to let the ship move faster.

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