Friday, January 30, 2015

Count Down Timer to go back to Main page

After thinking for awhile i think is better to remove the restart status in the end of the games. because my objective of this installation is showcase how can we use web-socket, browser and the mobile device to create something new in technology and interaction.

So i decided to make the game if user lose or win then game will automatically bring the players back to the main screen. if you they will like to play just press start then they are able to play again.

So i create a function to link to another page after 5 seconds when the function is called. For now i linked the page the first pages which is main.htm now.

So every time when the game over or when the game timer finish the the function will call and after 5 seconds the page will automatically link back to main page.

References,. 'Javascript Timing Events' [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Jan. 2015.]

Friday, January 23, 2015

Consultation with Yee Siang (23/1/2015)

The accelerometer work and able to move two different speed when the player tilt more. So this week is just to check what are some other update i am able to put in to let user had a better user experiences and also debugging.

The accelerometer had a minor error which is one of the plane cannot move left, while discussing with Yee Siang i find out is because i put it the wrong keycode. So after switching the keycode every was able to work perfectly.

I discuss Yee Siang whether i should create the restart function so when they lose they are able to restart. Yee Siang did say yes and we are trying to make the function work . and if they didnt press restart it will automatic go back to main interface.

So that will my final week consultation objective which able to let the to work and have perfect interaction cycle.

When i reach i done some thinking and though i think i just make the game restart without letting restart if the player want to continue the can just press start in the main then start the game again. this is use to prevent people staying over the installation for too long.

Accelerator part two (Creating two different speed)

After consulting with lecturer Yee Siang we notice that there is some issue like if i am a player and i tilt my phone a lot but it is still on the same speed isn't it not logical. so Yee Siang ask me to try created two different kind of speed so when user move more than a number then will trigger another function which will make the ship move faster than normal speed.

as you can see i had remove the up down left right button away then add in the accelerometer to check the current status to trigger the function.

Base on what we discuss one creating two different speed i create a condition to check that if the data received from accelerometer is less than 3 it will be normal speed then if the data is more than 3 then will trigger the function that all the ship to move faster.

so i had create two different kind of left and two different kinds of right. left2 and right2 is the one trigger the faster speed.

so as i had explain in the accelerometer part one, when the game received the data from the socket they will check on what data had been received and trigger different function.

the ship will move base on the function that been called. for the faster speed i just basic x2 on the normal speed to make it move faster.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Computer Break Down

Speechless and panic. My mac went down on me during such important time. This week i had been working hard to upgrade my final project. I did a lot of changes to my games and control but my laptop decided to give up on me at the most important time.

My laptop had turn in to blue screen and when restart, the laptop cannot be started. I had find a lot of friend and cousin that are good in computer to help on settling this problem. but end up the some of the hard drive been destroy because the heaviness of the software and time that i am using my laptop to do work. 

I had no mood to talk about it but this is some of the evidence to show that my laptop problem and i waste two week time just to send to repair and i don't have to chance to back up my latest document. Which i need to start from the previous version which i back up in hard drive.

Want to personally thank Melissa Koh for borrowing me her laptop for 4 days.

Because of this i need to spend money to get a desktop to start back all my work.
So i will update my progress in my blog but now i need to rush my work to get back on track or at least finish as much as i can to fulfill the requirement.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Consultation with Yee Siang (16/112015)

I was very sorry that, my laptop break down at the very important day before my consultation. My laptop pass away a day before my consultation make need to go borrow Melissa's laptop and update my old files back to the newest files. I am glad that i had back the previous files but i am sad that i back up not seldom enough because the code i back up is before i successfully code accelerometer. Which make need to code again in class but this time even faster.

In this week tutorial i am unable to reach my target to make two speed. So I code it inside class. we was trying to think a better to code the two different speed java script but the first few method doesnt work. Suddenly i got idea of creating a separate function to for different speed, so when check the condition if more the digit then will trigger the second function which will make the ship move faster. The Yee Siang ask me try and was able to work. Then is almost 5 pm i finish the all while i reach home.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Result of Alpha Testing With Level Junior

Today i am very please that our lecturer, Sweii invited our level 4 junior to participate in our Alpha Testing. Some of my classmate me was setting up at the student lounge cause our classroom and IIS is not available or too pack for us to set up our installation there.

(i just manage to capture one image with my phone because my installation require to use a mobile devices)

During the Alpha test i had 12 tester tested my installation and below are the data that are collect.

12 tester
Age : is between 18 to 21 (teenager)

10 Female 2 Male

1 ) Do you know what is Websocket ?
7 say Yes 5 say No

2 ) Do you understand what is this interactive installation design for?
9 say Provide new installation interactive option 3 say Gaming controller

3 ) Which tool would you prefer to interact with a specific installation.
11 say Personal Mobile Devices 1 say Controller (such as mouse, and keyboard)

4 ) Are the connection instruction clear?
12 say  Yes 0 say No

5 ) Is the interactive duration enough to experience the installation?
12 Yes 0 say No

6 )  Please rate from 1 (low) - 5 (high), how interesting is the idea of the installations?
0 say 1 0 say 2 4 say 3 4 say 4 4 say 5

7 )  Please rate from 1 (low) - 5 (high), how interesting is the games play?
0 say 1 1 say 2 7 say 3 1 say 4 2 say 5

8) Please write down if you have any suggestion:
  1. The controller is a bit hard to control.
  2. just the control and the color the contrast
  3. graphic can be more interesting (like adding effect); Add music, sound effect will more great
  4. Add in Power up features
  5. Add more features
  6. Add more animation
  7. Movement of plane can be smoother
  8. Increase the difficulties
  9. Game should be more challenging and fun. Add levels or environment.
  10. It would be interesting if this installation can provide educational benefits for younger children.
  11. This is really impressive idea for anew method to solve an interactive event. But the game is okay for only develop idea.
  12. The idea of the installation is new and interactive. Most of the people do always like to use their mobile to interact with bigger screen. For the game experience, it's fine but very good to use the new tech as the controller. It is a confusing of the hierarchy of the first page design layout.

Base on the Alpha test i get very solid feedback for tester. Most of the tester know about the objective of my project and idea concept interesting level is above average and high. But the game design is on the average level.

Due to my project in focus on the web socket and interaction of user using phone to interact. Game is just a content use to showcase how the technology work. Most of the tester think the game is no difficult enough but only one tester finish the game, which make me question is it still not hard enough. But the graphic and effect will be add in to enhance the full experience.

As for the control still need to improve because by absorbing how the tester play i can see they will try to tilt more to see whether it move faster or not. So i will be enhance on the specific section.

For the sound effect and background music , actually there are sound just that the two installation beside me is too loud so the user can't listen to it.

For the game play and design i will try my best to refine it for the submission but if there are not enough time to finish. i will enhance it during the two month before my degree exhibition. I am really glad that our junior had given me such good feedback and allow my project to improve and see whether i had achieve my objective.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Accelerator as control

I found this tutorial online (, i get the code by by right click inspected code then i copy down to modified.

For this project i only required the X accelerometer so i remove the y and z and just get the X code to use it move my space ship.

I had made the code to send a data like "z" to the server every when the accelerometer is trigger. then check whether is positive or negative. each send different data.

From here i bring in the code to my game control.  

Using the same theory like i modified above. now i use it to trigger function when accelerometer was being trigger. when positive the space ship will move right. negative then move left.

When accelerometer meter move positive then it will call the function sendtoleft1() then when sendtoleft1() was call it will send "a" to the game browser.

So when game browser received the data "a" it will call another function which is left(); which is a function send it a key press code. and the key is press the ship will get the signal and move to left.


References,. 'Accelerometer Javascript Test'.[online] Available at:  [Accessed 11 Jan. 2014]

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Alpha Test form

So basically my survey had only 8 question which i will like to focus on and base on the review of the guest it help me to focus on the area i need to focus on. This survey form are created for the alpha testing, so i am able to collect some information for refinement.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Consultation with Yee Siang (9/1/2015)

During the two weeks breaks, i went to cyber jaya to find Yee Siang for extra consultation so i am able to finish the code to show in the second guest review.And during the consultation, i am able to finish the game structure with some help of Yee Siang. Then Yee Siang say that id only using button to control will lose the main purpose of using mobile devices. So i decided to add in accelerometer to control the ship. Although i am not able to show it during the guest review but i actually already start working on the code. But there some error i cant manage to debug.

In this week tutorial Yee Siang show me Firebug for chrome, which is a plugin for chrome to help me trace and debug my code. I am able to access and control the accelerometer in the end of the class. But Yee Siang say that it will be good that when tilt their phone more then the ship will move faster and ask to go back and try myself and show him next week.

So that will be my next week object to create more speed trigger function to let the ship move faster.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guest Visit (Mr. Benedict Tan from Grey G2)

Week 8 Guest Review on Final Project
Guest : 
Mr. Benedict Tan from Grey G2

After getting the comment last time i had use my semester break to refine on all my codes and game so that i am able to get a better and cleaner feedback from the guest during the comment section.

So during that day i am only be able to show the simple control like moving the ship with button to control the direct and able to play the game with mobile by two persons (as you can see from the photo, me and the quest are playing the game) . This time the guest is able to see how the game flow is and how the think is being design.

Comment from the guest:
  1. Great idea. The guest also done something similar before.
  2. The phone will lose the highlight if is just using button. Try using other gesture like swipe or accelerometer.
  3. About the game play, it is cool but can be even more interesting.
 Mr. Tan also gave me also of suggestion and pin pointed the area i need to focus on.

After getting the review i personally agree on the comment and will take the action below
  1. Figure out on how to control the game by using accerelometer.
  2. If got necessary time work on the game structure but as the guest say is it ok so this will be additional refinement.
Is was my pleasure to had an industry professional to look at my work, it was a cool experience and it do help me to understand what can be improve.