Friday, January 16, 2015

Consultation with Yee Siang (16/112015)

I was very sorry that, my laptop break down at the very important day before my consultation. My laptop pass away a day before my consultation make need to go borrow Melissa's laptop and update my old files back to the newest files. I am glad that i had back the previous files but i am sad that i back up not seldom enough because the code i back up is before i successfully code accelerometer. Which make need to code again in class but this time even faster.

In this week tutorial i am unable to reach my target to make two speed. So I code it inside class. we was trying to think a better to code the two different speed java script but the first few method doesnt work. Suddenly i got idea of creating a separate function to for different speed, so when check the condition if more the digit then will trigger the second function which will make the ship move faster. The Yee Siang ask me try and was able to work. Then is almost 5 pm i finish the all while i reach home.

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