Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guest Visit (Mr. Benedict Tan from Grey G2)

Week 8 Guest Review on Final Project
Guest : 
Mr. Benedict Tan from Grey G2

After getting the comment last time i had use my semester break to refine on all my codes and game so that i am able to get a better and cleaner feedback from the guest during the comment section.

So during that day i am only be able to show the simple control like moving the ship with button to control the direct and able to play the game with mobile by two persons (as you can see from the photo, me and the quest are playing the game) . This time the guest is able to see how the game flow is and how the think is being design.

Comment from the guest:
  1. Great idea. The guest also done something similar before.
  2. The phone will lose the highlight if is just using button. Try using other gesture like swipe or accelerometer.
  3. About the game play, it is cool but can be even more interesting.
 Mr. Tan also gave me also of suggestion and pin pointed the area i need to focus on.

After getting the review i personally agree on the comment and will take the action below
  1. Figure out on how to control the game by using accerelometer.
  2. If got necessary time work on the game structure but as the guest say is it ok so this will be additional refinement.
Is was my pleasure to had an industry professional to look at my work, it was a cool experience and it do help me to understand what can be improve.

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