Friday, January 23, 2015

Accelerator part two (Creating two different speed)

After consulting with lecturer Yee Siang we notice that there is some issue like if i am a player and i tilt my phone a lot but it is still on the same speed isn't it not logical. so Yee Siang ask me to try created two different kind of speed so when user move more than a number then will trigger another function which will make the ship move faster than normal speed.

as you can see i had remove the up down left right button away then add in the accelerometer to check the current status to trigger the function.

Base on what we discuss one creating two different speed i create a condition to check that if the data received from accelerometer is less than 3 it will be normal speed then if the data is more than 3 then will trigger the function that all the ship to move faster.

so i had create two different kind of left and two different kinds of right. left2 and right2 is the one trigger the faster speed.

so as i had explain in the accelerometer part one, when the game received the data from the socket they will check on what data had been received and trigger different function.

the ship will move base on the function that been called. for the faster speed i just basic x2 on the normal speed to make it move faster.

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