Thursday, June 5, 2014

Idea Sharing.

3 pieces A4 sheet, to a pro forma layout, which works as a ‘cultural map’ locating your planned project. This will include such things as
• Topic – the key ideas – what it is ‘about’ – the issues – how it is a multimedia design thing - a/the ‘research question’ it addresses – or the idea it propose – or what it does – or how it works.... or some other important idea

• Genre – the kind of thing it will be – documentary – commentary – analysis – creative fiction with Screen Cultures moral – etc

• Form – such things as filmic/video media – slide sequence – printed text/illustrations – interactive piece – installation –audio/sonic pieces – size, duration, extent, time to read/consume

• Some indication of the audience for this thing – the likely consumers – who would want it – how would they get to see/read/hear/experience it...

• How it relates to existing skills and knowledge that you have…

• How it addresses new skills and learning that you will do…

• How it relates to the Degree essay you are doing…

Idea 1
Interactive media design artefact, User Interface and the User Experience are important. It will be good that an artefact is able to solve an problem or help the user. The process of user interact with the artefact is one of the area that we be should focus on.

Event and Interactive Media Design is always link together. Event Management and company will like use the better appearance and simple .

Almost everyone (to be specific, young adult or adults) had a smart phone. Youngster nowadays check on their mobile devices every ten minutes.

Cheaper in budget. Space management in event location

I will like to create a interactive games that help friend or even stranger to understand the each other better. To create a graphic or simple Q&A with only two answer to let two different user to choose and from there we are able to see two user whether they understand each other and the same time understand the person even better. For example, What is the fruit you prefer more? A)apple B)orange

This also can be use for company survey in exhibition and collecting database of customers need and want.

- Interactive Games, 

- Slide Sequence.

- Couple. Friend. Youngster to adults. People that are using mobile devices. Event company.

-Web base, Java Script, Mobile, Interaction. 

Idea 2 
A) Bring the latest focus area. Interactive game to let us celebrate the festive or event that are happening in all nation. FIFA world cup is the current event in all nation. All difference company are setting up exhibition in mall to celebrate and promote their product at the same time. Where the event they are game to attrach crowd. By using the technology of mobile we are able to attract more people to join and participate the game.

- installation –audio/sonic pieces

- Couple. Friend. Youngster to adults. 

- Web base, Java Script, Mobile, Interaction. 

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