Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Support Document for Statement of Intent

While doing my essay topic research i get inspiration for final project idea which are interactive event. I find this website of an experience marketing and event marketing agency George P Johnson. In the website it noted that
"Most event agencies view technology as simply an execution-based tool. We take a much broader, multi-dimensional approach. We believe event technology should improve your ability to manage an event while enhancing and extending the attendee experience – and do it at a reasonable price. We live in a digital world of experience, where users are accustomed to being active participants. When interactive marketing is truly integrated with an experience or event, the power to affect these users can be enormous."

This had prove the technology can be to the best tool to enhance the engagement of event. Beside that they also noted that benefit of event to :

-Extended Attendee Reach
-Predictive Modeling for Event Planning
-Instantaneous Digital Promotion
-Advanced Tracking & Analysis
-Meaningful Participation & Engagement

Beside the reason why i choose mobile device as one the main platform is because base on the UK Mail Online's article about "Youngsters check their phones every ten minutes: One in 20 looks at their mobile every minute of the day"

Research found 18-24 bracket check every 9 minutes and 50 seconds and those aged 25-34 take a peek every 9 minutes and 55 seconds. This help the event to know what are the trends and from the trend the event are able to engage to more people and their target audience.

Another reason is because mobile device these days had fast accesses to social media will help promote the event. George P Johnsan also noted that "successful social media strategies engage users in exciting and unexpected ways. So do successful experiential events. So it's not surprising that they work so well together."

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The reference above are use prove that essay topic and final topic are relevant and to proof that technology is able to enhance event .

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