Wednesday, June 25, 2014

weekly consultation (2)

This week consultation is base on the last week consultation action. During the meeting i explain what idea is about. And below is the feedback from Sweii and Yi Wei. 

Consultation with Yiwei and Sweii for idea confirmation

Base on the consultation this is what i understand.

  • Designer or Developer
  • Which area that i should focus on. the experience that i will to provide with the installation or the programming side for more user.
  • If focus on coding there are much more way to create the same outcome. Research more on other socket.
  • If designer can find some other way of platform like application to create some different experience for the user. And even more friendly user.

These make me realise that if i would like to proceed to another stage i need to decide the final outcome by myself.

This consultation do help me, but at the same time i am confuse to what i want to be. As a designer or a developer. Because of this, i am stuck in a decision making because i will like to create both in this project.

During the tutorial i bring out this for discussion, and Sweii advice me to come out a project management and time management and find out which area that i need to focus on. Yi wei also advice me to start with trying the socket so that i can understand more about it. Due to no experience and not enough research on web socket i become confuse and not confident on the my idea and project. I agree on the feedback that are given and try to analysis base on my knowledge and find out are the way the best to fulfil the project outcome and create a installation for user.

So base on the tutorial i come a To do list and it will be record in my next few blogs
- project management and time management skill
- try out socket to understand more.

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