Thursday, June 12, 2014

Statement of Intent


Final project planning – Kho Giin Yaw –The Interactive Game Console

The main objective is to revolutionize the exhibition and gaming system of Event. Most event agencies view technology as simply an execution-based tool but technology can be a much broader, multi-dimensional approach. George P. Johnson, a professional marketing agency believe event technology should improve your ability to manage an event while enhancing and extending the attendee experience – and do it at a reasonable price. With the technology available today provides us with a miraculous toolbox.

With this miraculous toolbox, now we can use the tool to enhance the participant experience and performance of the event agency. Most events usually were created to attract crowds. They are few key elements of event planning give direct affect on the success of event, which space organizing, Crowds safety and Budget Issue. With power technology, we are able to use the tool to minimize the cost, create large space for crowds’ safety and provide the attendee and event agency a brand new experience.

At the stage the area of technology is too wide and unfocused so I decided to focus my topic with the digital technology that everyone own nowadays which is mobile devices. Researchers say that people aged 18 to 24 are so addicted to their handsets that they check them every nine minutes and 50 seconds (, 29 January 2014). The power of mobile device allows us to get closer the audience at the shortest time. That is how I create a dynamic, interactive installation, which allow attendee to interact with their mobile device. Beside that mobile device also allow user to share their status through social media in the shortest time. First, by using mobile devices as the tool, event agency is able use the console’s place for more crowds; second, they are reducing the expensive on creating special console design. Third, convenience of mobile devices and social media are able to help event agency promote the event. Last, the attendees are able to experience another usage of mobile devices.

This project is embedded in engagement, fun, and entertaining methods. The Interactive mobile gaming console is a new system/installation for event promoting and entertaining purposes, a powerful tool that allow attendee easily participate with their mobile device to access the gaming installation.

The interactive gaming console will be a gaming installation that requires desktops, laptops as the console and tablets, or mobile devices as the controller. Both require connection to the Internet to communicate through WebSocket. The abilities of WebSocket allow the games’ player to play as single or multiplayer. For my final project’s content, I will focus on event’s entertainment. Entertainment is the one of the best way to engage with people and attract people. The console and control will be the same, but the selection of the games can base of the trends, festive and event that happen around the world. FIFA World Cup is one of the event that everyone are focus on. Event Company will use it as theme to organize their event. Base on the event theme, the game’s content of the interactive gaming console will be design according to it. For example, and penalty shooting games, user can use the mobile device to control the games as a striker or a goalkeeper.

Target Audience
This installation has two target audiences. First, it is a useful and entertaining tool for smart phone users, aged from estimated 18-24. Second, it is a tool that event agencies can use to improve their event planning and promotion system. The target market would mostly be urban area, but any areas that are equipped with computers and an Internet connection can utilise the interactive gaming console. For marketing purpose, it would be promote to event agency for event activities planning, and with the collaboration with any company to organize an new engagement event.

Existing Skills & Knowledge
The construction of the interactive gaming console will require a knowledge of website programming language that includes HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery and PHP scripting. I am interested and confident in these areas and have experience working with it. So I believe that I had the abilities to solve the technical problems. I am diploma holder for Event Management and I had some experience working with event agency, that why I have a clear understanding of the standard and style of event in Malaysia. I will be able to consult with experienced event planner for my project content development.

New Skills & Knowledge
New skill and knowledge that I have to learn and experience is 3rd party APIs. Linking the interactive gaming console with social media such as Twitter, and Facebook is something I have to learn.  Another 3rd party APIs that I will experience is Websocket. This specification defines an API that enables Web pages to use the WebSocket protocol (defined by the IETF) for two-way communication with a remote host. With the power of WebSocket I am able to let mobile device communication with the game console.

Degree Essay Relation
My degree essay topic is “Exploring interactive digital media’s ability to enhance the experience of engagement and communication for Event Marketing.”
There are some connections with my final project. Through research topic of degree essay, I am able to share some of the academic findings and resources I discover during my research processes to enhance the content and user experience of the interactive gaming console. Beside that resource of my final essay, it also requires substantial research to strengthen the topic that didn't cover by the essay.


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