Sunday, June 8, 2014

Idea forming and timeline writing.

After the first idea sharing with Lecturer and some of my classmate and event planner this is some of the feedback.
Swei (lecturer):
Idea One:
-Topic are too wide somehow compare to idea 2
- Survey need target on specific target audience only will get standard result
- Idea 2 are more interesting.
- How the idea can link to event management beside space and crowd. Will money be the issue also.

Other Comment:
-Idea Confirmation Area to focus.
-Market research to support.
-For blog make sure decision making are more than description
-lack of blog
-Research more
- Need to Focus on websocket and start trying to check is it possible to achieve
- Try to check is there any other contingency plan or other source

Base on the planning map that i created in class last week Swei show that i have few missing area of timeline that i might need to concern:
- freelance
-content planning
-content research
-making of content
i notice this problem when i create the planning map because during that time i still don't have any idea what i will do with websocket but after doing some competitor research i get some inspiration.

Some of the comment from friends
Leon Lim (classmate)
-objective format will be better.
-i will prefer than the order version
-need two people to play? one player cannot play ?
-is it do-able
-if for a event company budget low i will say yes

Idea 2
- i like games i will like to try this as a participant
- good trend
- it attract crowd for sure
- I prefer this idea more than idea 1 because is it more fun and crowds pulling.

Jeremy Phun (classmate)
-if playing alone the game will not be fun
-the game may affect the survey question
-design have to be different and randomize
-game will make the process fun

Idea 2
- will like to try
- the design need to be attractive
- event gaming-fied
- create more different genre of game so that apply for different event.

Ham How (friend / event planner)
-if a good idea to upgrade survey method, it may create crowds.
-will the game affect the result ?
-if only person come then how am i going collect my survey

Idea 2
- This idea is more suitable when come to event.
- comparing budget i think system can be reuse, can save a lot of budget.
- game and social media always attract people

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