Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly consultation (1)

Notes and advices From Yi Wei

Notes and advices From Kelvin and Yee Siang
Kelvin also had the same though as Yi Wei thinking i should created my final project base on the idea and concept instate of the game.

Place to focus:
Websocket, and Websocket will have short delay so base on that he advises me to find out some game that are not live feedback so the delay will not pop up so obvious. And start the to learn connection first with simple tapping game like tic and toe or pong then only switch from tapping to accelerometer and more.

Next week preparation:
-Find out what are the game that connect to event or
-simple and fun game
-game for social purpose.

Base on the feedback that are given by the lecturers i think that idea is one of the major part of my project, as i had already know what technologies i will like to use but what idea and how is the area i still need to focus on. So for this blog i try to understand what kind of game that are possible to provide better experience with websocket. So base on this i list down different types of the game that might be able to bring out the fun experience and able to attract crowd.

Some game that i had in mind
Side Scrolling game with scrolling using swipe and tap.
mutlitouch screen game to collect items.
pong theme games.
Racing game with tapping or swiping
shooting game with accelerometer as aiming and top to shoot.

And base on the type of game that i had in my mind i stay to research on similar game and this is some of the example i found :
Adamatomic is a side scrolling game created by flash. simply wide screen interface with simple control. basically the game need user to jump to avoid the obstacle but the game will slowly increase the speed to make the game more challenging. The most important point is side scrolling if got slight delay users are able to base on the game to adjust back with the control.

I had done some research as you refer bad to the previous blog about chrome experiment which is the one that make a lot of interactive website games with websocket that control with mobile devices.
There are allow of racing game being done by chrome experiment like
1) Chrome racer

2) Chrome Sport

The two game above are basically similar to Adamatomic game especially Chrome Sport. The control and graphic are different. and Chrome sport as i had mention is using mobile device as a controller. Chrome Sport's control is base swipe gesture that are available on mobile device, so the faster you swipe the character will run faster.

Kick with Chrome - Shout out
This is the latest chrome experiment project that created for the fifa world cup in brazil. base on the video you can notice how the game play are. Base on my personal experiment the penalty game is the most fun. and the game are basically same like pong games. As i discuss with kelvin and yee xiang pong can be good to start with.

After analysis some of this game, most of them are interesting base on score and competition rather than just only fun to play with. This is base on my personal analysis there will further research base the game design. But base on this area i will be start to test the websocket base on this area to find out the programming section.

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