Thursday, August 14, 2014

Similar project by Leo Burnett Interactive Outdoor Challenge (Industry Benchmark)

Interactive billboard by Leo Burnett

This was stunning to me as i saw this article and the date of articles. I was researching on some of my coding then suddenly when through some video that was share in my social media. I do notice on this campaign created by Mcdonald about the ice cream but i didn't look deeper into how the campaign was created and the few minutes of video i realised that the concept and idea are very similar to my ideas.
And the first thing come into my mind is that will my project be marked as plagiarism ? I was so afraid i texted my lecturer through social media about the news and he reply that it is ok. And he do say that the idea is not really original also due to it is created long time at oversea just that in malaysia is still new. And the project that done by Leo Burnett is by a team and i am creating it myself so it will very less percentage of marking as plagiarism. And ask me to continue my project.

This project had won two awards.

And this the video that i saw :

A big sigh after i saw these, maybe great mind think alike. And i am regret why didn't i come out the idea sooner. Hopefully this blog will mark a benchmark and reference for me to show that i am not plagiarising them.

Since there is a similar project that are found in malaysia. I am able to set it as one of the industry benchmark so that i am able to understand and improvise from existing sample.

After analysing this project the connection is similar which is using web connection to set data to the main server then transfer back to games, which we can say is using websocket to create interaction and make the phone as a controller. But this installation only able for one person at a time. Which did not fully utilize the power of websocket which allow multiple user. Maybe this is one of the experience they want to create. But they did utilise the power of gesture in mobile devices to give the user a very similar experience that they are really rotating the fan to make it spin. Which you will find in my installation.

As you can refer back to my previous blog that are talking about hybrid event, I did explain that by gamified the interactive installation; it is able to attract more crowds and giving them a feedback like rewards will motivate them to participate.


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