Friday, August 1, 2014

Risk management and Gantt Practise

Today class activities is to create a gantt chart and risk management to plan our production schedule. Although we did some gantt chart for the past few year but we normally did not follow. This time everything gonna be different. I had never been so stress on a project, maybe is because this is my final project and i will like make sure the project is able showcase my skill and portfolio, i am struggling during the class activities when coming out a gantt chart. I had separate to a lot of category to make everything is being cover perfectly. So during the class i was unable to finish the gantt chart but i was able to finish the risk management plan.

So below are some of my progress in class. 

Risk Management Plan

Gantt Chart

Above is the process that i had done during class, and the are still long way to progress. After class i went back and continue to think of the schedule then i created my own schedule form excel. For me excel is easy to control and not that messy.

I separate into few categories and mark them with colors. and base the format and briefing from the Sweii i think that i need more time to work on my project during the semester break i will only take 2 weeks rest then i will start to code and create the contents. Then user test and final set up.

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