Thursday, August 14, 2014

Create Flowchat, User Senario, and Equipments

The reason why do i create this few thing so early is because of this can help me check on my idea and concept and user experience.

Both of my tutor didn't ask me to create these things. Yi Wei is focus on user experience, idea and concept. Yee Siang is able to help me on coding. I was motivated to create this when i was waiting for Jeremy to finish the consultation with Jazmi and i overhear the word user scenario which make remind of the project we did in TWP is level 5 which help us to understand better on the artefact that we are creating. And create flowchart and scenario also able to how to create a step by step tutorial to the participant.


Floorplan and equipment 
The measurement of projection distance to help me calculate my floorplan and below are the equipment i will be using during the exhibition

Projector screen or back projection 

Panasonic PT-LB1EA 3LCD Projector (30.73cm x 6.86cm x 21.08cm)

Dell or mac desktop

User Scenario
Game 1 (Pop the Bottle)

Game 2
Space Fighter

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