Monday, August 11, 2014

Setting Up Router

To connect phone with computer server i need to get a router to my computer as a server. So today i go to Sunway Pyramid to get a router which cost me RM110. But if i go to lowyat can get like RM80 but too bad because i don't have transport and time to go there and get the router so yup.

I get a tutorial to create a fix ip address for my computer so everytime i connect to the router,  my devices ip will remain the same. So this the link that Yee Siang provide to me .

It just some simple step. So first you connect your computer with your router with cable or wifi then open a browser key in to got the router setting. If this is your first time login the user name and password should be admin.

After login you will see this page .

Then go to DHCP and the left navi bar there .
Select address reservation to create a fix ip for you computer.

but before that got copy MAC address. To find it go to DHCP Client List . Inside there got the list of devices that are connected to the router.

After that create new  Address reservation page then you will see this page 

Key in your MAC address the create an ip address for it . For this project i set my computer ip address to Make sure you Enabled the status.

When save then this will show up. 

Refresh your router and the page then go to DHCP> Client List then you will see you computer ip address become permanent. 

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