Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly tutorial (6) with Yi Wei (Major issue that i face during my project)

During this last tutorial i realise i am abit back on schedules and lost in the direction i had been worry and testing too much on connection which make me forget what is my objective and selling point .

During the discussion with Sweii and Yi Wei. They list down something that i need figure it out to solve this major issue. If not my project will not be that interesting during the pitch. Because if the content is not there or special enough people will think that the phone is just controller. which a lot of thing can be replace it and save  a lot of time while doing it .

Yi Wei: Content may help to sell the project!!
Sweii: After testing on so many tutorial which one is the most suitable tool to apply to my idea. And i should decide on this earlier rather than now.

I do make my decision in the early stage but during the progress of learning and understand i do realised that there are some limitation. I will like to make the project to be perfect. But maybe i am negative people, i worry too much on time and my skillset and this had cause me to think so much and make myself limited to solve one thing at a time so that i proceed safely which is a big impact of causing me slow down in my progress.

Action: Stop on tutorial and start building on content and idea. Find more research to back the content up to make it even solid.

Yi Wei: For example user can access the artefact after connect to the router and participant at anyplace they want.

This give me a trigger point to come out my idea. when i am back i went back to SOI and see what i want to create at the starting of my project. And re-analysed everything tutorial that i had did and come out a conclusion what are thing that i need to focus on. Beside that i also list out what are the area i am able to complete for my final exhibition and base on that i need to decide the what i need to do.

After analysed i decide that i will creating a web instate of an application. And by using QR code or url to link to pages. The flowchart and user scenario is record in this blog.

As for create as an application, i will be include this idea into my pitch for future possibilities. to show that the possibilities of update of the technology of my project.

After than i come out the how my project should work and solve the problem that i state on my SOI.

A wider connection router connection able to bring crowd to event after connected to the free router wifi signal. When connect and connect to web browser the ads and promotion material will pop out to tell user that the event is happening so they come and join the event and make had a chance to win a prize.

Using mobile a best way to prevent for property lost and destroy. Beside that socket oi are able to connect with unlimited user. which make it useful when that are games that will be interest when there are plenty of players. And with the gesture that are available on the mobile devices, the way of interactive with the games will be more exciting like user are able to swiping, accelerometer,  pinch and scale to interact with the games.

  • It is able to promote the event to the user when connected to the browser as a promotion tool.
  • Increase participant and solve limited space problem.
  • Saving cost and budget by prevent logistic problem.
  • Create a new experience to the participants.
  • Using the closer gadget of people to create a simple, fun and memorable experience of interaction.

I very appreciate that Sweii and Yi Wei helping me on this stage, i am kind of lost during that time and Sweii say that use what i had try to see what is the most suitable solution for the situation now and apply it .

Thank you.

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