Friday, November 28, 2014

Consultation Yee Siang (28/11/2014)

After last week tutorial, I went back to create and try very hard to connect it with the mobile web-socket, So ask always, is time to debug and fixing error. While i am creating the button and asking on on how to control the ship with different button. Yee Siang ask me to start from basic again. He show me some tutorial online the help me to connect with the socket and didn't come out error. After when the code is ready, Yee Siang ask me that next the will like to see another characters move. If it is happening means miracle. So during this i need to go did more research how to control a character by clicking on button.

I kind of use back the memory and notes that i had take down to finis this project so that we are able to finish on time.

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