Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WIP (sketches and character design)

I had to create some sketches for my characters and also the logo for my landing pages. As you can at the bottom is the images of my sketches the three on the top is the main characters space as i had plan each of them have different abilities. As for the bottom three is the enemy spaceship, base and the look of the spaceship different kind had different abilities. 

I had given them a name , lightning the top right is the speed type of spaceship attack weak but fast shooting and movement to dodge attack. The booster (under lightning) , huge armor , mean strong defence high attack but very slow speed. and for main character is the wing, the most average spaceship.

As for the enemy, top one is the enemy that will be fly in zig zag formation. The round one is just a normal enemy spaceship , and the one at the left is a special spaceship which move fast and when player hit will get higher points.

Base on the game that i will like to create i come out a list of condition and schedules or sequence that i will like to use to create my games. Base on the understand, i create all the steps that guide to create the games. And base on the list i will be able to check the area that i need to put more attention and effort to finish the games design.

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