Thursday, November 20, 2014

Consultation 19/11/2014

During the tutorial we were discussing about the interface and character design that i had sketch and lastly the tutorial section for user to understand the game play.

1) base on the commend from Yi Wei, tutorial is basically up to the game play. Maybe this game is new and the structure is complicated then will be good that had tutorial but if it is a game that we normal will play then just keep it simple with the tutorial.

2) for the character design. In the sketch there are a lot different type of character. Different character need different abilities which mean more condition and game need to be plan. Then YiWei ask me whether i am focusing on the game play or the web socket. If it is just socket then just create a simple game but try to enhance with some narrative element.

3) Two player had a lot possibilities like what i discuss during the meeting. Maybe like two plan is overlay then got super power and so on.

Base on the comment i try to summarize and go back to my objective of the project. I rethink what is my object and i decide that i am focus on the socket more. So i decide to create a simple multiplier shooting game to present the technology.

I will just create one type of plane and a type of enemy create a simple shooting score competing game.

Due to i am using html the difficulties in programming had raise up. Wish me all the best.

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