Friday, November 21, 2014

Consultation Yee Siang ( 21/11/2014)

In the consultation with Yee Siang is always about debugging code and solving error. This time still the same issue.

I had created the button as a control to move the canvas object and try to create another shape but fail. While we are debugging we also discuss about the user flow and how people should connect to the server.

The code was able to be solve and will post in the different blog post. As we are discuss, i need to assign the player to different character. Like when scan the code the will a specific character for the user. And it will be a first come first serve method. while user log in to the server different mobile will need to send different data to the dedicated space ship they are control which will be my next step to create my coding for my final installation.

I was pretty glad that i start creating the socket last semester if not i should be do the web-socket now.

I was also ask to try create the code with simple canvas first before going to the main code because this will affect the previous code and also make me confuse.

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