Friday, December 19, 2014

Guest Visit ( Mr.Stuart Godwin From Cheil Malaysia)

Week 7 Guest Review on Final Project 
Guest : Mr Stuart Godwin from Cheil Malaysia
Location: IIS

Our class was so lucky that we are able to showcase our project to some professional in the industry to get a better review on our final project. Sweii was able to invite Mr. Stuart Godwin from Cheil Malaysia as our guest to review our project. Me and of the classmate set up our project in IIS and some was set in normal classroom.

I start to present my work around 430pm, I start to explain what am i doing, which is using Socket to connect to computer browser and mobile browser to create an interaction beyond just using normal control such mouse and keyboard. During that stage i was quite behind the schedule due to troubleshooting and debug take quite a long compare to what i expected.

So during that day i am only be able to show the simple control like moving the ship with button to control the direct. Pressing start to trigger the game. That was pretty much what i had. Most of the concept and idea was just me explained with word. 

Comment from the guest:
  1. Is it an interesting idea, using such technology to create interaction and contents.
  2. Is hard to imagine the game play without the game there. But from what you explain i can slightly imagine.
  3. When you are able to control, it will be fine. Try work out on the game structure. Then only start to debug and enhance the experience.
  4. About the game play, how both player interact with each other. Are them shooting each other. What is their objective or what is the objective on having two player.
Although, i didn't have much content to review, but Mr, Godwin also gave me also of suggestion and pin pointed the area i need to focus on. I was quite happy that he found my project interesting. Base on the comment and suggestion i list down a work list that i need to complete in the coming study break.

  1. I need to work the progress of the game structure. Create the game out. So during the next guest review will had better and more solid data from the guest.
  2. Figure out what i can do to make the game more fun. Adding Score and time limit so both player can compete with each other with score.
  3. Will be adding in narrative story before the game start so user had a better idea what their game objective is. For example, both of the players are the chosen one to safe the earth by the invasion of the alien.
Is was my pleasure to had an industry professional to look at my work, it was a cool experience and it do help me to understand what can be improve.

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