Friday, December 12, 2014

Consultation (12/12/14)

I was able to create the button and control the canvas but only one of the circle. In this week consultation i want to make another circle to be able to move . I brought my code to class and show Yee Siang my progres. Basically we run through the code and done debug to double confirm the code. Yee Siang always say when you publish it work mean it work already.

While consulting with Yee Siang i was able to find out a way to create my code. So Yee Siang and agree to make another set of control for another user. Which mean separated control for different player. Since the following in the guest review, i need to insert is some graphic after finish the debugging the code.

I realized that while discussing with people i am able to thinking faster and able to learn more, which help my programming process faster.

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