Saturday, July 19, 2014

Target Audience Research

In my Statement of Intents i do show who are my target audience and i realise that i didn't include the research in my blog entry which affect the outcome of the point i had list in my SOI.

And this blog i will show the research that i had made to prove my statement and point. Base on the research result that i get from the dailymail uk about "Youngsters check their phones every ten minutes: One in 20 looks at their mobile every minute of the day" it show the impressive result on how often a mobile user check on the phone update.

And below is some of the data that are being collect during the research.

people aged 18 to 24 are so addicted to their handsets that they check them every nine minutes and 50 seconds.

The average British man looks at his phone every 22 minutes and 30 seconds while the typical woman looks at hers every 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

Those aged 25 to 34 are only slightly less obsessed with their mobiles, looking every nine minutes and 55 seconds, according to a survey of 2,000 people.

The interval rises to 21 minutes for 35 to 44-year-olds; 36 minutes for 45 to 54-year-olds; and an hour and a half for 55 to 64-year-olds.

This had show that how mobile had already take over part of our living style and we also can say that mobile device is part of our  "body". From this research i feel that i can emerge to people but what is the closest to their lifestyle and apply it to my idea and concept. By using mobile device to attract user attention and emerge them to my artefact and participant with the mobile devices differently.

Beside that, Event company also one of my target audience.

Base on the article "The Top 10 Challenges Facing Event Organisers" from it list down 10 challenges often faced by the Event Organiser. And i do agree with because i am diploma holder of Event Management and have some experience organizing event. And below are the 10 challenges.

  1. Be Memorable
  2. Shrinking Budgets
  3. Short Lead Times
  4. Rise In Costs
  5. Environmental Issues
  6. Technology
  7. Having The Right People
  8. Staying On Track
  9. It's All In The Planning
  10. Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will go Wrong

Beside that, the are a similar article was found in which also discuss about "Top Ten Issues for Event and Meeting Planners in 2010 and the New Decade". and below are the top 10 issues:

  1. Social Media Integration. 
  2. Getting the C-Level to Buy In. 
  3. Hybrid Events. 
  4. Decreasing Budgets and Increasing Expectations. 
  5. Recession Proofing your Resume through Education.  
  6. Decreasing Attendance and Increasing Pressure. 
  7. Popularity of Local Events. 
  8. Strategic Meeting Management Programs. 
  9. How to Take CSR past Recycling. 
  10. Creativity Affecting the Bottom Line for an Event. 
As we can see that are some similar point between both of the article and those are also the area i am trying to solve with my project. 

Social media integration is one of the impact caused by mobile devices. Due to the easy access social media are able to access through mobile devices. And my project is using mobile device as tool, it will give advantage to my project.
Rise of cost and Shrinking budget. With the same technology of my project it is possible to create different outcomes which is able to help event organizer solve the problem. The technology are able to be recycle by changing the contents

Technology and Hybrid Event. The technology are growing especially mobile device which is growing non-stop, it is a possible technology to use as tool to remove hybrid event (same concept event that are able to find around the world).

Environmental Issues and Space is a issues for event organizer. Small space, huge installation plus area for participant will make the a event become so crowd and affect the experience of the participant. And my project are able to solve this problem. With just a screen a router and mobile device it will be whole new experience.

As we can see i had prove that my project have potential to help these two target audience and solve part of their problem.


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