Saturday, July 19, 2014

SOI feedback From Swei

Yesterday we are arrange to have a feedback meeting with Sweii. Base on the meeting i understand what are the aspects that i need to focus on my research and making the SOI even more solid. After the feedback i do agree on the points was being pointed out and i do agree and will take action on fixing the area.

The are two area there are still weak in my SOI and can be improve in my final proposal and idea pitching. The area are flexibility and target audience research.

I do cover these two area in my SOI but it is not that strong and visible when Sweii was reading the statement and checking through my research blog entry.

So I had continue to work on these two major area.

Base on the flexibility of time management. I create a schedule for myself to check on what is the deadline and the period i need to finish task. Below is the timeline that i had created as my personal guideline.

JULY (2014)
Week 9 - Research on tutorial and source
Week 10 -  Testing on source and tutorial
Week 11 - Continue research and test tutorial / Blog progress

Week 12 -  Purchases router and continue with tutorial
Week 13 – PROSPECTUS Submission / Practise for Pitch presentation
Week 14 - PITCH Presentation

Semester break
- Blog entry
- Research on source like music and create sketches for final intrfaces
- fulfill simple task

Semester break
- Blog entry
- Coding with socket
- Coding for games with shape
- Coding the the interface layout

Week 2 & 3 -  Create and digitalize visual and sketches and export to specific folders
Week 3 - blog entry

Week 4 - borrowing logistic equipment from college
Week 5 - input the final visual and music into artefact and improve the code
Week 6 - Debug and Troubleshooting
Week 7 and 8 (study break) - blog entry and fixing error
Week 9 – Testing set up in IIS plus alpha test

JANUARY (2015)
Week 10 - Refinement based on feedback.

Week 11 - Refinement based on feedback.
Week 12 - Beta Test
Week 13 - Refinement based on final feedback / blog entry

WEEK 14 - Final Submission (Final Degree Show)

The will be a more detail gantt chart created for me plan my progress even more detail and help to check my tasks during my production stage.

And for the second area of target audience i will be blog in another blog entry.

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