Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 1

I chose website design as my final project. From this project i will like show what i am capable to create with website design. Website design is a platform or a stage to help people to "perform" their "performance". For me i think website have a lot of possibilities especially when come to user experiences. And now with the technology we had we are able create more possibilities. And for my final project i will like create a better user interface and user experience. 

The three of the core topics at the bottom  that i like to explore, but only one will be created. As i will create my portfolio to a more focus portfolio. So for my final project i will focus one website development and design. 

Video based Website Design

Video based web designs. Video for me is a media that able to provide message to a person is shortest duration. And now video canvas one of the media we can see on website. With video describing the product and advertising it . User also can have a different kind of view of the product through the video and by interact with it you are able to get more information.

A)   Benchmarks

1) Running 2014 by DICK's Sporting Goods



B)   Sources of inspiration:
- Happy Song 
- Various award winning websites

C) the programmer that create these awesome application.

HTML5 Game based Website Design

HTML5 is the latest web language. Because of html 5, developer have more freedom to create more creative interactive element for website. And Game base website also become one of the hits web trend these days. It help user to promote their product at the same educate the user their product and the product's function

A)   Benchmarks

1) The Taco game

2) Spartans vs Hipsters

3)Flat Design vs Realism

B)   Sources of inspiration:

C) -

Web Socket Website Experience

Web socket website is a open source program that allow user to interact with website by using their mobile devices. This had help the website industry to come out more possibilities. User are now able to use their mobile devices as a controller . And from i am able to source more possibility.

A)   Benchmarks

1) Rollit

2) Just a Reflector

3)Super Sync Sports

B)   Sources of inspiration:
- Chrome experiences
- Mobile devices

C) -instant of people I choose chrome experiment.

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